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The sayeYO app was created to help foster communication and collaboration between music artists, fans, and music related businesses. Popular social media apps are widely used by music artists, fans, and businesses in an an attempt to grow their fanbase and find more opportunities. The problem is, social media wasn't designed to support music artists, but it does keep them busy, which takes them away from true progress and music opportunities. Social media is all surface popularity based on numbers -- meaning talent or skill is not necessarily what users are looking for -- and as a result, most music artists will see little to no improvement in their music careers by using it.

We now know that a user on social media could have one million followers, but those followers may not be actual fans of their music. Followers do not equal fans. Followers do not equal ticket sales. Followers do not equal plays or song downloads. The reality is that social media popularity, which can be bought and paid for, does not equal a successful music career. 

We also know that much of your success and opportunity or luck, comes from the connections you build - the people you know and the expansion of your network of true fans and people in music and entertainment related fields.


The sayeYO app was created by music people for music people and is centered around communication and collaboration. Music artists can easily communicate and share full-length audio files or video through in-app text messaging. Instead of wasting hours sending DM's and posts to random social followers, who may not have any actual interest in your music or talents, music artists can send messages to fans and peers interested in receiving and discovering new music using the sayeYO app's in-app messaging. Social media is noisy and caters to those with a short attention span. The sayeYO app allows users to connect and share without all the noise. Music making is a crowded market, partly due to the incredible advancements in music technology which has made it easier to create and share music globally from the comfort of your own home without significant equipment or investment, and because the music industry is crowded, music artists (and fans!) need a space to engage that focuses on talent, availability, opportunity and quality, not quantity.

To succeed in music today you have to make incredible music that people really like. Second and just as important, you have to connect and communicate with your true and loyal fans. True fans are music seekers. They want you to share exclusive content, like new songs or allow them to preview a video before you put it out on social media. They want to be the first group to get access to tickets. They want to show their support and be seen and recognized for their support.


Every music artists has a person or a group of people that they let listen to their songs before they put it out to the public. The sayeYO app is the perfect platform for artists to share new content with a select group of people and get feedback before sharing with a wider audience. Music artists can collaborate , send music files easily, create videos, translate messages in 110 languages around the world for free and search users by music genre, instrument type, interest and business type.


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Just sayeYO!


If you make music, love music or your business supports the music industry, you need to join the sayeYO app community. The sayeYO app offers a business directory, which includes a variety of services that could be useful for music artists to grow their career. The sayeYO app offers multiple features that were created for the sole purpose of helping music artists to network globally and build their career.


Social media can be used for fun and as another method of sharing and expressing your artistry. But it lacks true engagement and growth from music fans and in many ways holds talented music arts back from making progress with their goals.


The sayeYO app is all about connecting and communicating with real people. If the goal is to build something special, you should definitely join the sayeYO app and make sure to tell a friend!

Our music discovery homepage allows artists to make their songs public for fans and peers to hear, and showcases links out to other ways for users to listen or buy their music. You can also send a message to the artist who's music you love, and artists get live notifications every time their songs are played or liked by others in the app for feedback in real-time. 

Our music compression tool and music menus allow artist to import, compress, share and store all of their music right from their phone and artists can choose whether or not to allow downloads when sending their songs and audio files to others. 

Music labels, managers and studios can use the sayeYO app to test consumer responses to new music, as well as use it as a method of networking, industry business, or to receive music and video song submissions, for example.  

From a communications stand point, we have encrypted and secure in-app messaging services along with voice and video calling that works on WIFI only - No phone number required! Our language translation service is free and eliminates the language barriers that otherwise prevent music artists from opposite sides of the world from connecting and networking. 


Go global with your music on sayeYO and emerge yourself inside a community of users who love as much as you do. Remember if you have something to say, or you have something to play, download the sayeYO app today!