There is a rumor that over 55,000 songs are uploaded to streaming services everyday. With such an overcrowded market how does a music artist build a supportive fan base?

Today, the music industry is all about gimmicks and marketing over talent and skill. Most music artists feel it is no longer about making quality music, but creating a viral moment that will build popularity. Music should never be about the look, it should always be about the sound.


With the rise and popularity of social media, music has transitioned from an auditory experience to an audio/visual experience. This may put some talented music artists at a disadvantage.


The sayeYO app was created as a way for music artists to connect, communicate, and collaborate with a global audience. The sayeYO app is a communications app and NOT a social media app, there are no "likes" "views" or "followers."

The goal behind the sayeYO app is plain and simple, it's all about real communication and collaboration. The sayeYO app is poised to become a global music community where music artists, music fans, and music businesses can all connect, communicate, and collaborate on a platform that was specifically designed for the music industry.


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My name is Kevin Linney, I also go by the name Crucial Point. As an underground/independent hip hop artist, I wanted to create a platform where I could share my music with people around the world. I have a lot of friends that make music and we all run into the same problems, how do we get our music heard.


Before I created the sayeYO app I would post my music on every music and social media platform.


Popular music platforms like YouTube or social media apps like Instagram or TikTok all require a visual component, which isn't what I wanted to do as a music maker. I just wanted to make music and let people hear my songs. Other popular music platforms like SoundCloud or streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal all require indie artists to pay to get on popular playlist in order to get their music heard.

As a music artists, I just wanted to be able to create songs and share them with a global audience.

Kevin T. Linney


So I created the sayeYO app, which I call the most useful music, business, and communications app ever made.

I can store all my audio/song files, I can choose to make my songs public and if they are approved they will show up on the Discover page where app users can play my song, they can like my song, they can tap on any web, social, or music links that I have provided, they can send me an in-app message, or they can share my song with their friends who are also on the sayeYO app. I have added a business directory so that app users can connect with people who offer services within the music industry. Some of the categories include, DJ's, record labels, mixing and mastering, music blogs/news, marketing and promotions, management and consulting, dancers and choreographers, plus much more!

So far the sayeYO app has worked just the way I envisioned it, I have already collaborated with artists from South Africa and Nigeria, plus I have had random people send me text messages saying how much they like my songs. The cool thing is I have had people send me messages in different languages and I have been able to communicate with them using the language translation feature on the app. I am proud to say the the sayeYO app has been growing globally.

Currently we are at around 33,000 active users and we are still growing. Download the sayeYO app and join this growing global music community.