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There is a rumor that over 55,000 songs are uploaded to streaming services everyday. That is a lot of music! Now think about how many songs are sitting on cloud platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. The issue is none of these platforms were created specifically for music or audio file storage with music artists and music producers in mind. 


The sayeYO app was created to be a safe and secure music storage app. The goal of the sayeYO app is to be the all in one music storage, sharing, and communications app. 


There are music artists and producers that have classic songs hidden away and forgotten about on these cloud storage platforms. The sayeYO app will offer music storage and a variety of features that are specific to the needs of music artists and music producers. We want all music artists and music producers to sayeYO!


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My name is Kevin Linney, I also go by the name Crucial Point. I have tons of friends that make music and we all have the same issues regarding storage and sharing our music.  As an underground/independent Hip Hop artist, I wanted to create a platform where we could store and easily share our music with people around the world.


Even as an amateur artist, I had close to 200 song files sitting on Google Drive and DropBox, none of which were being promoted or heard by anybody other than myself. I needed a place where I could simply store my song files and easily share them when I want and with who I want.

I created the sayeYO app with music artists in mind. I added features like the discover page, where artists can share songs made public with other app users. In the discover page users can play songs, like songs and click on any shared links. Our in-app text messaging allows users to share full-length songs, media files and much more for improved communication and collaboration.


I also added a business directory so that sayeYO app users can connect with people who offer services within the music industry. Some of the categories include DJ’s, record labels, mixing and mastering, music blogs/news, podcast, marketing and promotions, management and consulting, dancers and choreographers, plus much much more.

Kevin T. Linney


The sayeYO app is truly one of a kind. It is not your typical cloud storage app. I know there are millions of song files sitting on various storage drives around the world that have not been listened to in months or years. I know from personal experience with my music that it is easy for artists to create songs and not ever put them out or promote them.


I want music artists to think differently about music and audio storage. Songs don’t have to be stored and forgotten about. Music artists can upload all their songs to the sayeYO app and have a place to privately store their music or share their music publicly with a global audience.

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