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Music and Audio Cloud Storage for Music Artists 

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Don't let your music files get lost in storage. Just sayeYO!

There are music artists and producers that have classic songs hidden away and forgotten about on platforms like Google Drive, DropBox and iCloud. The sayeYO app was specifically created for music artists to store and easily access their music files. 


sayeYO Features

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sayeYO is not your average  cloud storage.

The sayeYO app offers a variety of features that takes music storage and sharing to another level.

Free features include:

  • In-app Voice and video calling, available with cellular plans or WiFi 

  • Text messaging

  • Text translation option in 110 languages 

  • Photo messaging

  • Video messaging 

  • Music messaging

  • Audio messaging

  • Save and share urls 

  • Compress and import audio files 10mb-200mb

  • Import audio files 10mb and under 

  • Compress one audio file at a time

  • Compress up to 4 audio files per month 

  • Export audio files 

  • Combine one audio file and one photo together into MP4 and export 

  • Messages delete after 4 days

Premium features include all free features plus:

  • Compress up to 3 audio files at a time

  • Remove advertisements

  • Compress unlimited audio files

  • Unlimited storage 

  • Unlimited messaging 

Switching to sayeYO is easy! Just import all of your  music files from your current  cloud drive  and   never look back. 

sayeYO is more than just storage - it's a global  music community. Share music & collaborate with others.   

Music artists can submit their songs and saved links for approval to be made public for other sayeYO users to hear. All sayeYO users can listen to these songs on the discover page.

sayeYO App music, messaaging, compression, storage, voice and video call app


Text world-wide with automatic  text translation in 110  languages!

sayeYO is also a full-featured communication app with secure text and multi-media messaging including full-length songs and automatic language translation, voice and video calling, WiFi calling, promo video maker, music storage, audio compression and more.

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sayeYO App on Apple App Store
sayeYO App on Google Play Store
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